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Drip Drop

Welcome to the H3XC: Drip collection. Sit down and grab a cup, we're just getting started. 

300 non-generative 4K Java Junkiez living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Created by Gabriel Pfeiffer of H3XC. 

The first step on a clear path to our Artifact mint that adds value through utility, art, and a level of exclusivity that rewards and identifies early holders. 1st of 3 unique micro-collections to be released building up to the H3XC: Artifact mint.


Each of these 1/1 NFTs will offer a whitelist spot for the H3XC Artifact Mint AND have future utilities revealed as the scope of H3XC's phygital and extended reality applications develop.


Q3 2022

  • H3XC: Drip collection will be available for purchase on OpenSea.

  • 14 days after sellout your Java Junkiez will be revealed.

Q4 2022

  • H3XC marketing campaign begins.

  • Recruit Discord team and launch community.

  • Future utilities to be revealed and put into action.

  • 2nd and 3rd Pre-Artifact collection to be minted. (Details to be released in July)

  • H3XC: Artifact mint

Q1 2023 and beyond

  • First 1/1 H3XC XR Artifacts will be available for order to holders.

  • H3XC's vision continues to render an evolved storytelling, education, and gamification experience through digital and physical mediums.

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