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A platform for educators, artists, and developers to expand their presence to make a lasting impact

H3XC is a phygital lifestyle brand that is evolving the design and storytelling experience.

Completely unique digital art and physical designer goods

Immersive experiences adding artistic dimension to traditional storytelling

Community and designer brand collaborations

Distilling a vision....

Recently I attended VeeCon. To say that the experience was transformative would be an understatement. Observing the collective quality and caliber of character within the community was revelatory. To know that so many likeminded, kind, clever, hardworking, genuine, and capable people exist in this world is endearing.

My plan was to begin marketing and monetizing the Artifact collection shortly after returning from VeeCon. After seeing some incredible innovations to the industry and continuing to scout for competitors I have realized that there is nothing out there like what I am building. I am spending some additional time to expand upon and leverage practical skills associated with every facet of the business to better lead H3XC into the future.

I can't wait to begin this journey with you all.


CEO and Creator @ H3XC

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